Business law

Professional assistance in matters in the scope business law saves enterprises many unnecessary difficulties. We fully engage in each of the problems entrusted to us, looking for the best solutions.

For whom?

We provide legal assistance in the field of business law to any enterprise that wants to conduct its business in a lawful and secure manner. We offer both permanent and periodic legal assistance, depending on the Client’s needs.

Thanks to the extensive experience of our team, we offer only tested and comprehensive solutions. Our approach will certainly be appreciated by Clients seeking multi-faceted legal support that goes beyond simple consultancy.

Your gain

  • Ongoing assistance in all legal matters related to business operations.
  • Certainty of quick and proper response in contentious situations.
  • Sense of legal security.

What we do

  • We provide ongoing service for enterprises, including developing legal opinions on current operations, handling debt collection cases, labor law cases and other matters, as needed.
  • We comprehensively handle restructuring proceedings and proceedings that are aimed at changing the legal form of given business.
  • We provide advice in the scope of ongoing matters and grant quick response in crisis situations.
  • We handle broadly understood disputes in the scope of business law, both amicably and in court.


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