A professional representative significantly increases the Client’s chances of winning dispute before court. Our experienced litigation team is involved in disputes in the entire country, regardless of the stage of the case and its complexity.

For whom?

The Firm provides services to any Client who seeks help in pursuing his claims in court. We provide assistance in pursuing claims related to, for example, traffic accidents, medical errors, accidents at work and other.

We conduct cases before common and administrative courts, as well as before the Supreme Court, the Supreme Administrative Court and the European Court of Human Rights. We comprehensively guide clients through each stage of the procedure, completing all formalities. In the course of our practice, we have concluded several thousand disputes in court.

We cooperate with doctors, experts in the field of accident reconstruction and damage estimation. We also have specialized software for assessing vehicle damage at hand. Our fully comprehensive way of operation will be appreciated by Clients who want to save time and minimize formalities.

Your gain

  • Professional assistance at each level of the dispute – from amicable stage to the final conclusion of court proceedings.
  • Confidence that all legal measures necessary for prompt and satisfactory settlement of the dispute will be implemented.
  • Ongoing advice from experienced lawyer.
  • Confidence that the court dispute is being conducted lawfully and professionally.

What we do

  • We comprehensively conduct court proceedings – also in cases regarding medical errors, traffic accidents, accidents at work and other events, depending on the client’s needs.
  • We prepare court letters, motions for evidence, criminal appeals and cassations.
  • We take over all formalities from the Client and ensure timely action in court proceedings.
  • We work with experts in the field of, for example, reconstruction of accidents in cases regarding traffic damage, as well as with court experts and forensic doctors in cases involving claims for medical errors.


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