Protection of personal rights

Personal rights are protected by civil law. We support our Clients in pursuing their claims under infringements of their personal rights by third parties.

For whom?

We provide legal assistance to all natural and legal persons who have become victims of violations of personal rights such as health, honor, freedom, name, image, secret of correspondence as well as scientific, artistic, inventive and rationalizing works.

The catalog of personal rights is open. We also support clients who have been victims of infringements other than listed in article 23 of the Civil Code in developing a convincing strategy and argumentation.

Your gain

  • Support at each stage of the case for infringement of personal rights – from adequate formulation of claims, through support in settlement talks, to the satisfactory conclusion of court proceedings.
  • Assistance in negotiating image agreements and continued supervision over proper implementation of their provisions.
  • Advice on ongoing matters related to the protection of personal rights and effective assistance in crisis situations.

What we do

  • We develop effective strategies of protection against violations of good name and image of famous persons and reputation of legal persons.
  • We support our Clients at amicable stage of infringement cases – during settlement talks and negotiations.
  • We comprehensively guide our Clients through court proceedings in cases regarding, for example, the protection of good name, dignity, privacy or image, as well as in cases concerning press, television or radio materials.
  • We provide assistance in criminal cases – for libel and insult.


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