Enforcement proceedings

The effects of enforcement proceedings affect the situation of both the creditor and the debtor. It is worth providing for potential results of the enforcement proceeding as early as possible.

For whom?

We provide assistance to both creditors and debtors in enforcement proceedings. We represent parties who are natural persons and who conduct business activity.

We provide support in enforcement matters, regardless of the stage of the proceeding. We work with Clients to whom we provided legal assistance at earlier stages of the case, and also with Clients who only come to us at the enforcement stage.

Your gain

  • Assistance in completing all formalities necessary for proper conduct of the enforcement proceeding.
  • Assistance in contacts with bailiff.
  • Confidence that an experienced specialist supervises the proceeding.

What we do

  • We develop all the necessary documentation, including preparation and submission of motions for initiating, stopping, suspending or resuming the enforcement proceeding.
  • We represent parties in enforcement cases conducted by bailiff.
  • We act on behalf of Clients in court proceedings.
  • We provide ongoing advice in enforcement cases.


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