Administrative proceedings

Administrative law as well as administrative procedure are extremely complex and complicated matters. Assistance provided by an experienced lawyer allows for full enforcement of Client’s rights and interests.

For whom?

The Firm provides services in the scope of administrative proceedings to all entities applying for an administrative decision under, for example, construction law, spatial development provisions, real estate law, environmental protection law, transport regulations, etc. We also help entities interested in obtaining documents necessary to conduct business or professional activity – concessions, permits and licenses.

We offer multi-faceted and comprehensive legal support. We represent our Clients at every stage of the proceedings, regardless of the complexity of the case. Thanks to our extensive experience, we are able to safely guide our Clients through the entire administrative procedure.

Your gain

  • Substantial legal assistance in obtaining necessary administrative decisions.
  • Relief from all formalities related to the administrative procedure.
  • Representation and professional assistance at each stage of the procedure.

What we do

  • We prepare all necessary motions, complaints and appeals, as well as other necessary documents, depending on the Client’s needs.
  • We offer ongoing advice in the scope of administrative law.
  • We represent our Clients before administrative bodies and courts of both instances, including preparing and filing cassation complaints to the Supreme Administrative Court.
  • We develop legal opinions in the scope of substantive administrative law and administrative procedure.


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