Criminal proceedings

Professional representation is usually necessary to close a criminal proceeding in line with Client’s expectations. In-depth knowledge of the criminal procedure and extensive practical skills allow us to provide legal assistance of the highest quality.

For whom?

We provide assistance in criminal matters to victims, auxiliary and private prosecutors. We also represent Clients suspected and accused of and convicted for committing crime. We provide legal assistance to the accused, representing them in offence cases.

We act on behalf of our Clients at every stage of the case, starting from preparatory proceeding to the final conclusion of the criminal case. We thoroughly analyze problems entrusted to us, approaching each one in a fully customized manner. Thanks to the vast courtroom experience of our team and a number of successfully resolved cases we are able to provide actual and effective support in criminal proceedings, even in exceptionally complicated cases.

Your gain

  • Professional assistance in completing formalities, comprehensive advice at each stage of the criminal case and representation in the courtroom.
  • Assistance in contacts with law enforcement authorities and the representative of the other party.
  • The opportunity to receive immediate legal assistance and continuous contact with a solicitor.

What we do

  • We represent victims of crime, auxiliary and private prosecutors, and we also defend suspects, accused and convicted persons.
  • We prepare court letters, motions for evidence, criminal appeals and cassations.
  • We handle offence cases.


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