Maciej Kurczyński


He specializes in business law, public procurement law and personal data protection law. He also provides support for our Clients in the scope of civil and administrative law. He is a co-author of scientific monographs and an active participant of many conferences regarding procedural criminal law.

He graduated from the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Łódź in 2017, after defending his master’s thesis entitled ‘Goals of the preparatory proceedings’, prepared in the Chair of Criminal Procedure and Forensics. In the course of studies, he actively participated in the development and promotion of student environment, participating in the Faculty Council of Student Government and University bodies of the Student Government of the University of Łódź. He gained professional experience as part of ‘I Know My Rights’ educational program and internships at the Student Legal Information Center – Law Clinic. In the course of his studies he each year received congratulatory letters from the Rector of the University of Łódź for the best results in studies.

He has been working with Przemysław Nowakowski Law Firm since 2016. Currently he is a solicitor apprentice and the staroste of his class. He is fluent in English and speaks German at intermediate level.

He is interested in elementary particle physics, ski jumping and Eastern